China's first international youth conference in the field of energy and climate change.

The aim of the summit is to encourage young people to make a difference in the face of global environmental problems,

and provide a platform for youth to exchange ideas on green action

in order to promote dialogue and cooperation between international and domestic youth.


联合国气候变化大会 青年代表团

CYCAN-COP China Youth Delegation was launched by CYCAN in 2009 in response to the call of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. As the first Chinese youth delegation, it was formed to stand on the stage of international climate negotiations and make a Chinese voice. The project provides professional training on knowledge of climate change and capacity building for Chinese youth delegates, thus to follow the progress of international climate negotiations, provide a platform for young people to demonstrate and exchange their achievements in green change. This project has long been dedicated to promoting the communication and cooperation among young students globally, and raising public awareness through collaboration with diverse stakeholders to mobilize more climate action.

2030 Carbon-Netural Campus Project

The LCCP program is a campus project launched in 2018 on the basis of previous programs. Taking the campus as a pioneer pilot community, the vison of the project is to promote low-carbon transformation in campus through three strategies: the down-top popularization of concepts, the top-down promotion of campus policy and environment improvement, and modular intervention strategy. The project will realize the improvement of campus environment and promote low-carbon transformation in communities and urban areas by setting up a multi-party cooperation mechanism among the college administrators, the enterprises and NGOs with support from youth.

2030 Carbon-Netural Campus Project

We believe that Chinese Youth, as members of global citizens, should have global vision and take responsibility to combat climate change. Youth Climate Dialogue is hosted by UNITAR and China Youth Climate Action Network (CYCAN) in China. In this project, students around the whole world can conduct online discussion on climate change and related topics in the form of video conferences.


From 2018 to 2019, CYCAN launched the "2030 Climate PLUS" project, highlighting overlapping fields of climate change and energy, infrastructure, equity and justice, biodiversity, and oceans. The project looks forward to strengthening the climate ambitions of governments, enterprises, think tanks, the public and other multiple subjects and promoting their implementation of climate commitments by leading young people to conduct remote or field research. More than 70 members in total successfully completed the project and were awarded the title of "Climate Observer", as well as 30 climate leaders have fully participated in online learning.


OYE project is committed to creating a platform for international youth exchange, learning and interaction. By bringing together outstanding Chinese and foreign youth who care about climate and environment, the project aims to connect young people with similar interests and backgrounds through Chinese and foreign partnership mechanism, and promote the common development of youth both at home and abroad through training materials sharing, online forums and peer exchanges.


The competition aims at encouraging young designers to pay attention to urban development problems and to imagine the possibilities of future urban development from a diverse perspective, unique views, and innovative design. In order to stimulate the innovation of young designers in both theoretical thinking and design practice, the competition is divided into two parts: "Future City" International Thesis Competition and "Future City" International Innovation Design Competition, which launched in 2018 and 2019 separately.